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With THCa Diamonds being so incredibly potent, and versatile they are very popular right now. Our Diamonds come in 3 Tiers

S Tier- The most potent (99%) and totally clear make these diamonds a true show stopper. Medium sized, and with a slight Lemon Nose.

A Tier- At 95% THCa these big rocks have a slight amber hue, and a stronger terpene nose to them. The largest diamonds of the 3 tiers on average.

B Tier- Witha 92% potency and the strongest lemon nose of all the tiers these are amazing because they are a little easier to work with. A slightly sticky and terpene texture, with the smallest size of the 3.


You can dab, smoke, eat, or vaporize these little gems for an amazing new experience.

THCa Diamonds

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