We are proud to offer 2 absolutely breathtaking strains. Both of these beauties are true indoor grown flower from Idaho Springs, CO and are 100% some of the best hemp flower we have EVER seen and smoked. Get them while they last as only 5 pounds of this Abacus Diesel, and 2 pounds of the Dutch delight were harvested this last grow.


Indoor Abacus Diesel- Just 1 look made us fall in love. With medium to large buds, long orange hairs, and purple tones this flower is breathtaking. A STRONG gas smell fills the room as soon as you open the container. From appearance, to smell, to taste this is our #1 Hemp Flower we have ever had the privelage of carrying.


Dutch Delight- A nose and taste even the pickiest smoker will enjoy! This knockout delivers the berry smell and taste those others promise but dont deliver. Velvety with trichome crystals that are rich with cannabinoids and terpenes cover these beauties.iet Dutch Delight will make you want more of its delicious flavor and pleasantly, light cerebral effects.

Private Reserve Indoor Flower


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