Choose any or all four of our beautiful indoor private reserve flower options.

Only 1 pound of each of these options is available until  next harvest in October. Enjoy these 4 amazing new cultivars.


Berry Baoxom

 Total CBD 18.11%    Total Cannabinoids 23.66%    Delta-9  .0   Total THC.69%

Aroma: Earthy with a hint of berry undertones mixed with a small hint of burnt spices.

Flavors: An earthy and pine dominant flavor complemented with a tender sweetness of berries.

Appearance: Tight hand trimmed small to medium sized buds.


OG Blossom

Total CBD 18.65%    Total Cannabinoids 24.1%    Delta-9  .0   Total THC.72%

Aroma: Sugar heavy raspberry tones with a complex combination of molasses and earthworms.

Flavors: Sweet berry inhale with a smooth exhale. Raspberry dominant with a hint of blueberries and Kentucky bluegrass.

Appearance: Tight hand trimmed small to medium sized buds.


Ultra Violet SOLD OUT

Total CBD 19.72%    Total Cannabinoids 25.47%    Delta-9  .0   Total THC.81%

Aroma: Sweet Cherry nose with a grapefruit sugar smell. Sprinkles of pepper and soil come out in the back end.

Flavors: Sweet and smooth inhale with a purple grape exhale after tone.

Appearance:  Trichome heavy and very sticky. Tight hand trimmed small to medium sized buds.



Total CBD 0   Total Cannabinoids 23715%    Delta-9  .0   Total THC .20%

Aroma: A sweet haze with a mixture of raisins and berries

Flavors: Grape jelly and frshly mowed hay

Appearance:  Rich color transition. Tight hand trimmed small to medium sized buds.

Private Reserve Fresh Indoor Flower


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