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Hydration and SofteningWhen applied, our body budder will form a protective barrier between the skin and the elements. This traps moisture in, keeping irritants out. It keeps the skin hydrated no matter what weather conditions you are under. Most lotions are drying because they promote the dissipation of water in the skin. The creamy, nourishing texture of body budder is the perfect solution for extremely dry skin!Got skin so dry it’ll put alligators to shame? No worries, slather our emerald goddess body budder after showering! The richness will soften and moisturize parched skin. Slather the budder at night and you will wake up to unbelievably soft, glowing skin.With the power of Hemp Extract added to the great benefits of our body budder to take away aches and pains you will instantly fall in love with this one of a kind body budder.

Emerald Goddess Body Budder

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