Prepare for BLAST OFF!

Your taste buds, and body is about to be amazed by our fresh baked Delta-8 Treats.

Choose from Delta-8 Nerd Ropes, Blasted Brownies, Radical Rice Crispies, or our potent Chocolate Chunks. These are a great option for those looking for the longest effects possible.


-Delta 8 Nerd Rope packs a whopping 350mg, and provides 50mg of Delta-8 per inch. Suggested serving is 1 inch.

-Blasted Brownies- Fresh baked brownies with 100mg of Delta-8. The rich and delicious treats are cut into four 25mg Brownie bites. 

-Radical Rice Crispies- These awesome treats come in 3 available flavors. Original, fruity pebbles, and chocolate. From taste to presentation these make an amazing gift for that special, or to treat yourself!

-Chocolate Chunks- Looking for Potency? These are what you have dreamed of. Each package contains two 50mg milk chocolate bars to enjoy. These treats come stamped to easily distinguish between these and that hersheys bar you left sitting on the counter ;)


To ensure frshness, and the best quality these items are baked in small batches, and will sale out from time to time.


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Delta 8 Baked Yummies


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