We recently partnered with a large amount of local farmers to help get their 2020 Hemp Flower sold as we all get ready for another planting season.To help them, and show our appreciation to you we are fortunate enough to have the ability to offer $15 ounces.All flower that was not trimmed by the farmer has had a single machine trim here at Veteran Grown.THIS IS NOT trim, sugar leaves, or old brown hemp flower. This is an absolute steal on green and finely cured flower. since we are working with lots of farmers we will be carrying 3 strains at a time that are packaged and ready to ship. Each strain will have varying quantities available from 10 ounces to hundreds of ounces.All ounces are individually packaged in Loud Lock mylar bags. Enjoy and check back as we will add new strains everytime 1 sales out.

2020 Bargain Ounces