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New Assorted Flavors!!!

These Delta-9 THC gummies are absolutely perfect. The D9 distillate used to make these gummies is some of the best we have seen, and it consistently tests at 98%.

The D9 gummies themselves are exquisite. The cubes are consistent and firm so that they will not melt or morph. We lightly coat them with sugar, and are accurately dosed at 10mg each. We love the blue razz flavor as it's juicy and tasty.

New Bulk Gummy Pricing

$1.75 each

20 count each gummy is $1.50

50 count each gummy is $1.34

100 count each gummy is $1.20

10MG Delta-9 Gummies (vegan)

$1.25 Regular Price
$0.99Sale Price
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